Opinion Letters & Legal Research

$350 for your initial consultation. After an initial consultation, our attorneys can provide flat-fee engagements for most opinion letters and then credit the consultation fee to the total cost of the engagement.

Pricing & Fees

 In most cases, our attorneys can provide most clients with a flat-fee engagement after an initial consultation call.

  • Our initial consultation fee is $350, which is applied as a credit when our attorneys are engaged to consult legal research and provide an opinion.
  • All other legal work, legal research, including drafting, phone calls,
  • The client is responsible for any costs or expenses in addition to the advertised fee. However, we will also obtain your approval before such costs or expenses are incurred. These expenses may include but are not limited to postage and courier fees, regulatory filing fees, and other various disbursements. 

Our Process

Schedule an Initial Consultation 

Schedule an initial consultation by clicking the get started button, selecting a convenient time, providing your contact information, and then making a payment for your initial consultation.

If your opinion letter qualifies for our flat-fee pricing, we will credit the amount paid for your initial consultation to your overall price.

Meet Virtually with an Attorney

Meet virtually by webcam or speak by phone with an attorney to confirm the objective of the opinion letter, provide any relevant documents, and provide answers to any relevant questions you may have.

Attorney Issues Opinion Letter

After your virtual consultation, our attorneys will begin working on your opinion letter by researching the facts of your case, the case law, and applicable state and federal statutes. The attorney will compose and then deliver the first draft for review, answer any questions, and then, if needed, revise and issue a final opinion letter.

People Ask

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Our consultations provide potential clients with valuable legal advice and information because the attorney assigned to your consultation will take time to review the information you provide before your consultation. This preparation allows our attorneys to deliver excellent value for your time.

Who Are We

Our managing attorney, Andrew David Easler, Esq., has successfully started, operated, and sold several private and public companies since 2009 and has real-world experience in many aspects of business, real estate, trusts, estate planning, compliance, employment matters, and securities.

What Do We Do?

Attorney option letters and legal research for all federal issues, including business, securities, consumer protection, health, housing, environment, and local issues for Washington, D.C, and the State of Florida.


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Rule 144: Removing the Restrictive Legend

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Why Does Legal Research Matter?

Why Does Legal Research Matter?

A legal problem will require a legal solution. While attorneys are well-versed in an astonishing number of statutes, regulations, and precedents, it would be impossible to have memorized hundreds of years’ worth of case studies and legal outcomes. If your situation it...

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