Pricing & Fees

In most cases, our attorneys can provide most clients with a flat-fee engagement after an initial consultation.
  • We charge a non-refundable consultation fee of $350. This fee covers preliminary research and document review to determine if our attorneys can provide an opinion.

  • If retained, we charge $350 per hour. For common attorney opinions, such as rule 144 opinion letters, our attorneys charge a flat fee plus any costs or expenses in addition to the advertised price.

  • For questions about our pricing and fees, contact us at 1-888-949-9266.

  • Legal research and attorney opinion letters may not result in a favorable opinion.

Our Process

Schedule a phone or zoom call

If you want to discuss your matter with an attorney, you can schedule a phone or zoom call. This will allow you to ask questions and get legal advice.

Scheduling an attorney consultation is a great way to get peace of mind and ensure you're doing everything possible to comply with state or federal regulations.

When you are speaking with the attorney, be sure to explain your situation and ask any questions you may have. The attorney can give you legal advice based on your specific circumstances.

If your opinion letter qualifies for our flat-fee pricing, we will credit the amount paid for your initial consultation to your overall price.

Don't wait until it's too late - consult with an attorney today!

Meet virtually with an attorney

Meet virtually by webcam or speak by phone with an attorney to confirm the objective of the opinion letter, provide any relevant documents, and answer any questions you may have.

  • Before your consultation, the attorney will review any documents or information you sent.

  • During your consultation, the attorney will ask any additional questions and seek clarification, advise you on the best course of action, and answer any questions about the opinion letter process.

  • After the consultation, the attorney will begin researching the matter, may reach out and request additional documents and seek clarification by asking questions, and then start drafting the attorney opinion letter.

Attorney issues an opinion letter

After your virtual consultation, our attorneys will begin working on your opinion letter by researching the facts of your case, the case law, and applicable state and federal statutes.

  • The attorney will compose and then deliver the first draft for review, answer any questions, and then, if needed, revise and issue a final opinion letter.

  • The opinion letter will address your specific legal question and provide an opinion based on the research completed.

  • It is important to remember that an opinion letter is not a substitute for full representation.

For any questions about our opinion letter process, contact us at 1-888-949-9266.

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Schedule a consultation

Our consultations provide potential clients with valuable legal advice and information because the attorney assigned to your consultation will take time to review the information you provide before your consultation. This preparation allows our attorneys to deliver excellent value for your time.